Nutrient TECH’s products are uniquely formulated high-performance crop nutrients

Our agriculture fertilizers are manufactured for performance, plant safety, and tank mix compatibility. They contain everything needed to deliver plant nutrients to crops safely and effectively. No buffers, activators, surfactants, or compatibility aids need to be added for Nutrient TECH’s products to be effective. To determine the use for a specific crop, consult the product label or contact our sales department.

Essential Crop Nutrients

Concentrated nutrient solutions, fueled by SimplyFLO, for maximum safety and performance. Nutrient TECH’s flowable formulations outperform the competition because the bio-available, micronized particles ensure maximum uptake by the plant no matter the application method- foliar, fertigation, or as a coating.


Natural ingredients plus targeted nutrition provide synergistic benefits to improve crops.  Using top-quality Ascophyllum nodosum, humic acids, and other bio-based ingredients, these products reduce mistakes in the field by providing everything you need all in one jug.  Proven results via foliar and soil application methods.


Concentrated OMRI Listed organic suspensions developed using the same proprietary milling process that Nutrient TECH is known for. Nutrient particles are micronized- averaging 1 micron in size- to ensure maximum surface area coverage for improved uptake by the plant.

(pending approval)
Magnesium   (pending approval)


Naiad is a unique blend of non-ionic and anionic pharmaceutical-grade soil surfactants designed to spread water uniformly over the soil surface and through a soil structure. Naiad tilts and flocculates the soil surface so the water can enter between the soil particles, helping leach salts out of the root zone.

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