Omega 0-18-0

Omega in 3 jugs

Omega™ supplies the highest concentrations of Calcium and Phosphate in our product line. The slow-release formulation reduces phytotoxicity and readily disperses in the spray tank. Omega improves quality of crops and improves storage, handling, and shipping properties of produce.

11.60 lbs./gal

Omega™ for Highest Concentration of Calcium and Phosphate

  • Safe all season long
  • Contributes to higher yields
  • Improve bud and fruit set
  • Improves storage qualities in fruit

Calcium Increases Flavor and Storage Capability

Calcium is involved in nitrogen uptake and is essential during early season cell division and growth, resulting in a distinct effect on vegetation and fruit set. It is important for forming cell walls, rigid structure, enhancing pollen germination and growth. Calcium increases flavor and storage capability; prevents or controls a large number of disorders in plants. Once deposited in plant tissues, it is not easily remobilized. Therefore, young tissue is affected first under conditions of deficiency. 

Magnesium is a major component of the chlorophyll molecule and is actively involved in photosynthesis and energy metabolism. Mg aids in formation of sugars, fats and oils. Associated with rapid growth, high protein levels and carbohydrate utilization. Mobile within plants and can be readily translocated from older to younger tissue when it is deficient. 

Magnesium is needed to balance the generally high use of potassium from fertilizers and manure. Deficiency may be caused by high potassium, calcium, ammonium nitrogen in the soil.

Derived from: Calcium Phosphate, Copper Oxysulfate, and Zinc Oxysulfate.