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Nutrient TECH Testimonials

Larry Marchant

Marchant Vineyards

In the past, we have tried a number of different foliar nutrient products with little to no success. At my son’s insistence, we decided to try Nutrient TECH’s products in our vineyards, and they have become a great asset to our operation.

Willie Suhadolnik

WA Vineyard

I had a block of Pinot Gris that was really struggling. With help from my Nutrient TECH Rep, I was able to correct the nutritional imbalances and achieve “reserve” quality for that block. I look forward to continuing my nutrient program and achieving similar results from the rest of the farm.

Washington Farmer

500 acres - cherries, grapes, and pears

For me, working with Nutrient TECH is the whole package- the technology, the expertise, the partnership, and the concern about my crop and ROI. The products work, they’ve been working for 25 years, and they work for me.

Brenda Wolgamott

Vineyard Manager

That’s why I like these products, because you don’t have any phyto issues, they’re pH neutral and it’s a flowable product.  It’s easy.

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