Crop Nutrient Advisor App

The Crop Nutrient Advisor APP mobile app allows agricultural producers to instantly:

  • Identify crop nutrient deficiencies
  • Get product recommendations
  • Check spray tank compatibility
  • Download label and SDS
  • And much MORE!

Growers, PCAs, Agronomists and Plant Nutritionists can search for deficiency symptoms, by crop, to access images of visual symptoms.

Got a better image? Upload a photo and add to our database.

With the touch of a button, a list of products recommended to correct the deficiency or imbalance appears: with guaranteed analysis, suggested uses, benefits, and a compatibility statement. You can choose to download the complete product label and SDS for your records.

There is also a crop nutrient sufficiency guide. Look up data by crop and tissue sample timing to know if you need to apply fertilizer and what kind.

We have included a few reference guides to help you in the field: Mulder’s Chart shows antagonism and synergism of nutrients; a soil pH chart shows optimal range for plant nutrient uptake through the roots.