Fueled by SimplyFLO

Nutrient TECH’s products provide more than just nutritional value.

SimplyFLO improves nutrient delivery to crops no matter the method- foliar, fertigation, or as a coating- and no matter the ingredient.  Our products contain enough nutrients to make a noticeable difference in your crops and simply work better than the competition.   

SimplyFLO works:SimplyFLO logo

  • Concentration:  Drives nutrient analysis up; lowers risk to crops.
  • Compatibility: High-quality, reliable products with a variety of uses.
  • Availability:  Proven nutrient uptake through foliar, root or soil application.

SimplyFLO reflects years of formulation chemistry experience perfected in the field by its performance. It reflects constant improvement and nuanced execution that built the foundation of Nutrient TECH.

When you are looking to exceed your last yield, stretch your budget, or work within regulatory constraints, ask for essential nutrients fueled by SimplyFLO.

SimplyFLO for High Performance Agriculture

SimplyFLO is a proprietary, multi-component system designed to enhance product performance and formulation stability that perform many functions:

  • Surfactants to lower surface tension to wet the foliage better
  • Humectants to keep the leaf surface moist for better nutrient absorption
  • Penetrants to aid absorption through the cuticle and assist translocation in the plant
  • Buffers to keep pH in a near-neutral range to reduce risk of phytotoxicity and promote pesticide compatibility
  • Antifoam agents to reduce foaming in the spray tank
  • Adjuvants to improve sticking properties
  • Dispersants to prevent agglomeration of particles into clumps and promote fluidity
  • Thickeners to add body and viscosity
  • Suspending agents to slow the rate of settling of the micronized particles in containers and spray tanks.
  • Anti-microbial agents to prevent mold and bacterial growth
  • Emulsifiers to promote homogeneity between water-soluble and oil-soluble components

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