Cobalt 2-6-2

Cobalt in 3 jugs

Cobalt™ 2-6-2 provides NPK and Cobalt, an essential element in a number of enzymes. Cobalt increases drought resistance in seeds and is important in the life-cycle of legumes.  It inhibits ethylene production, holding blossoms on longer in adverse weather conditions, delays maturity, and allows more time for carbohydrates to move into roots before leaf abscission.

Cobalt prevents or corrects nutritional imbalances, can be used on most crops, and is compatible with most pesticides, fungicides, and miticides.

pH Range: 2-3

9.15  lbs./gal

Cobalt™ for Extended Bloom

  • Improve red color
  • Extend bloom in adverse weather conditions
  • Helps move carbohydrates into roots
  • Important in nitrogen fixation in legumes

Increases Drought Resistance in Seeds

Cobalt is essential in Vitamin B-12 coenzyme formation. It is needed for nitrogen fixation in legumes. Cobalt increases seed production and soil microbial activity.

  • Amplifies anthocyanin development which is involved in red pigment color of fruits
  • Essential for rhizobium bacteria to fix N in legumes
  • Essential for animals: cobalamines (Vit B12)
  • Normal leaf ranges: 8 – 2.0 ppm
  • Toxicity levels not known

Derived from: Urea, Phosphoric Acid, Potassium Phosphate and Cobalt Sulfate