N-Season 27-0-0

N-Season is a high-quality formulation suppling 66% slow-release nitrogen to crops for vegetative growth.   Our stable formulation for reduced volatility puts nitrogen where it’s needed for up to 35 days.  Supplementing N during the season helps growers with nitrogen management plans.

pH Range: 9.0-10.5

10.5 lbs./gal

N-Season Slow-Release Foliar Nitrogen

  • Each gallon contains 2.86 pounds of Nitrogen
  • Supplies N for up to 35 days
  • Helps growers with nitrogen management plans
  • Supplement N during season

Enhanced Vigor of Trees and Vines


N-Season supplies a steady release of nitrogen:

>          up to 35 days (foliar)

>          up to 10 weeks (soil)

Derived from:  Urea, Polymethylene Urea, Methylene Diurea and Monomethyl Urea