NUTRIGANIC Calcium 0-9-0

NUTRIGANIC Calcium in 3 jugs

NUTRIGANIC™ Calcium 0-9-0 supplies essential nutrients including 8% calcium for organic production. Growers can use NUTRIGANIC Calcium to target crop deficiencies, influence desirable characteristics, and increase yields. With its easy-to-use concentrated formula, growers get a tremendous value in applied nutrients per acre.

Calcium is essential during early season cell division and growth, resulting in a distinct effect on vegetation and fruit set. It is important for forming cell walls, rigid structure, enhancing pollen germination and growth. Calcium increases flavor and storage capability; prevents or controls a large number of disorders in plants. Once deposited in plant tissues, it is not easily remobilized. Therefore, young tissue is affected first under conditions of deficiency.

Foliar applications of calcium can help bypass deficiencies caused by sandy or alkaline soils (high pH) or soils that have low organic matter content and high in available phosphorus.

pH Range: 5.5 – 6.5

10.2 lbs./gal

NUTRIGANIC™ Calcium 0-9-0 is an Easy-to-Use Liquid Formula

  • Improves quality of fruit
  • Nutrient dense formula
  • Safe for most crops
  • Corrects calcium disorders such as bitter pit, corking, blossom end rot, tip burn, etc.
  • LGMA Compliant

For Organic Crops

NUTRIGANIC offers a reliable product that consistently delivers the results growers want. The unique manufacturing process ensures the products are safe to use from bloom to harvest, and this safety allows enough nutrients to be applied that actually make a difference to the plant.

To address specific crop needs, targeted nutrients can be added to the tank during the different growing cycles of crops. During bloom, add OMRI Listed TECH-GRO B-17 Boric Acid Spray to promote pollen viability.

Formulated for performance, plant safety, and tank mix compatibility, NUTRIGANIC consistently delivers results organic growers’ want.

Derived from: Bone Meal, Boric Acid, Copper Sulfate.

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