MIRA-CAL in a 25 pound bag

MIRA-CAL™ 30% the safest way to apply enough calcium to make a difference in your crops. Calcium should be applied throughout the growing season to improve firmness and storage qualities of fruit. MIRA-CAL is a soluble calcium complex formulated with excellent dispersion and wetting characteristics to provide superior foliar calcium performance.

pH Range: 7 (1% solution)

Density: 1.224 g/cm3

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MIRA-CAL™ 30% Calcium to Reduce Bitter Pit

  • High analysis dry formulation
  • Mixes easily in water
  • Improves quality of fruit
  • Corrects calcium disorders such as bitter pit, corking, blossom end rot, tip burn, etc.

Improve Firmness and Storage Quality of Fruit


Getting good results from foliar Calcium starts with the right product.  MIRA-CAL is a 100% water-soluble powder designed to be compatible with most crop protection materials including spray oils.  Growers like that they can apply MIRA-CAL on cool mornings of days above 100o F.

Calcium is essential during early season cell division and growth, resulting in a distinct effect on vegetation and fruit set. It is important for forming cell walls, rigid structure, enhancing pollen germination and growth. Calcium increases flavor and storage capability; prevents or controls a large number of disorders in plants. Once deposited in plant tissues, it is not easily remobilized. Therefore, young tissue is affected first under conditions of deficiency.

Derived from: Hydrated Lime