ZMC 0-5-0

ZMC in 3 jugs

ZMC™ is recommended as an early season spray for almost all crops, especially potatoes. The combination of Zinc and Manganese assists in chlorophyll production and enhances seed and root maturation.

Manganese is generally required with zinc in foliar spraying of commercial citrus. Other crops may show deficiencies induced by high levels of iron, copper, zinc, calcium or magnesium.

11.60 lbs./gal

ZMC™ Foliar Zinc, Manganese, Copper

  • Safe all season long
  • Contributes to higher yields
  • Improve bud and fruit set
  • Improves winter hardiness

Early Season Spray for Potatoes


Zinc controls the synthesis of indoleacetic acid, an important plant growth regulator that promotes cell division, directs the flow of food and other plant auxins. Zinc promotes growth hormones, starch formation and seed development/maturation. Terminal growth areas are affected first when zinc is deficient. Deficiency is most common in sandy and alkaline soils (high pH) or soils with low organic matter content that are high in available phosphorus.

Mn is essential in the “Hill” reaction of photosynthesis – the splitting of water to yield 4e- and O2

(Enzyme component)

H20 + A + light -> O2 + H2A

Copper serves as an activator of numerous plant enzymes and plays a role in the development of plant pigments. Copper deficiency interferes with protein synthesis and has been observed on trees and vines growing on organic soils and sandy soils. Copper deficiency may be associated with high phosphorus, zinc or nitrogen levels. Foliar diseases are increased, and lignification is reduced or absent, with copper deficiency.

Derived from: Calcium Phosphate, Phosphoric Acid, Copper Oxysulfate, Manganese Oxide, Zinc Sulfate, and Zinc Oxysulfate.