NUTRIGANIC Manganese 0-6-0

All Season Blend in 3 jugs

NUTRIGANIC™ Manganese is a concentrated single nutrient formula that targets deficiencies or influences desirable crop characteristics. Phosphorus is added to this formulation, which is utilized as energy by plants for active nutrient uptake and continued growth. Our advanced proprietary formulation technology provides safe, easy and effective use in all crops. This technology provides increased nutrition shortly after application, and lasts for weeks. NUTRIGANIC Manganese is compatible with other Nutrient TECH organic products and most crop protection chemicals.

pH Range: 5-6

11.50 lbs./gal

  • Mn is critical in the oxidation-reduction process in photosynthesis.
  • Mn has a primary function as part of the plant enzyme system, activating several metabolic functions.
  • Enzyme activation speeds up growth responses to their optimum.
  • Manganese help control the activity of the plant hormone Indole Acetic Acid during vegetative and reproductive growth phases.
  • LGMA Compliant

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