B-17 Boric Acid Spray

B-17 Boric Acid Spray in a 25 pound bag

NUTRIGANIC B-17™ Boric Acid Spray is solely derived from boric acid, dissolves readily, contains no sodium, and imparts a slightly acidic effect to the spray solution. It is a soluble, fine granular product formulated with improved dispersion and wetting characteristics to provide superior foliar boron performance. B-17 is an organic input material approved by CDFA, is an approved material under the WSDA organic food program, and is OMRI Listed. It is locally sourced in California and contains all-natural ingredients. Both conventional and organic growers rely on the performance of NUTRIGANIC B-17 Boric Acid Spray.

pH Range: 6.1 (1% solution)

Solubility: 4.7% at 20 °C

Density: 1.51 g/cm3

NUTRIGANIC B-17 Boric Acid Spray Provides 17% Elemental Boron to Ag Crops

  • High analysis dry formulation
  • Early season for bud vigor and fruit set
  • Increase yield

Improved Dispersion and Wetting Characteristics


Foliar application of Boron compounds is an effective method for maintaining adequate B levels in crops or for correcting deficiencies. Several Boron-containing products are commercially available, but basically there are only two forms of B suitable for use on crops: Boric Acid and Sodium Borate. Boric Acid is the form in which Boron is directly absorbed and utilized by plant foliage. Borate compounds must be hydrolyzed to Boric Acid before they can be effective.

Sodium Borate is not the sodium salt of Boric Acid, but is a term used to describe a group of materials derived from Borax: Fertilizer Borate, Solubor, Boro-Spray, and Borax itself. These products differ in the amount of Boron, Sodium, and water that they contain.

Derived from: Boric Acid