Liquibor in 3 jugs

LIQUIBOR™ is a single element product that delivers 2.5% Boron to improve pollen viability and fruit set.  LIQUIBOR contributes to higher yield in early season applications, and may be used throughout the growing season.  Boron improves quality of produce: size, color, sugar, and firmness.

pH Range: 7

8.90 lbs./gal

LIQUIBOR™ for Seed Crops

  • Improves quality of produce: size, color, sugar, and firmness
  • Improves pollen viability and fruit set
  • Improve seed production
  • pH neutral

Alfalfa Seed Programs

 Apply early bloom or with pre-bloom clean up spray.

  • 2 quarts/acre Beta
  • 1-1.5 quarts/acre LIQUIBOR
  • 1 quart/acre Hi-K

The aggressive alfalfa seed program adds a second nutrient application 2-3 weeks after application 1.

  • 1 quart/acre Beta
  • 1 quart/acre LIQUIBOR
  • 2 quarts/acre Hi-K

In 2017, this program produced 1200 – 1600 pounds seed per acre in established alfalfa seed production fields (900+ acres).  Record high yields by other growers in the area is steady at 1200 pounds per acre.  Our growers continue to outperform their competition.

Derived from: Boric Acid, Sodium Borate