Alpha 0-10-0

Alpha in 3 jugs

Alpha™ 0-10-0 serves as a basis for spray programs on all crops where Calcium and Zinc are nutrients of concern, but Manganese is not needed.  Alpha can be used by itself or combined with Gamma 0-10-0 on apples and pears to enhance tree vigor and improve fruit finish, on green leafy vegetables for quality improvement, on tomatoes and peppers for fruit firmness and reduction in blossom-end rot.

Alpha has been shown to improve stress tolerance by reduced leaf and fruit drop in citrus and avocado exposed to extreme heat, moisture stress, or strong winds.

11.20 lbs./gal

Alpha™ is an Ag Nutrient Blend for:

  • Maximum growth and yield
  • Improved stress tolerance in tree crops due to extreme heat, moisture stress, or strong winds
  • Improved quality of fruit: size, color, sugar, and firmness

Improve Stress Tolerance

Blossom End Rot can result from low soil Ca levels, excessive N or K use, but often is the result of poor transpiration and plants left too dry.  When a plant is left too dry, calcium isn’t easily moved to the phloem.  The plant will move Ca to the foliage first, leaving evidence of localized deficiency (blossom end rot, cavity spot in carrots).

The plant takes action to save itself by sacrificing it’s fruit.  Foliar applications can help correct and prevent the problem.

Derived from: Calcium Phosphate, Calcium Sulfate, Zinc Oxysulfate.