Zeta Zinc 22%

Zeta Zinc 22 in 3 jugs

Zeta Zinc™ 22 is extremely effective at influencing Zinc levels in plant tissues, especially on crops chronically low in zinc or unresponsive to other forms of Zinc.  Use as post-harvest application to improve winter hardiness and influence bud vigor and fruit set.

Our proprietary suspension technology enhanced with SimplyFLO make Zeta Zinc 22% one of the safest foliar Zincs on the market.  Safe at rates up to 4 quarts per acre, growers can apply enough nutrients to make a noticeable difference in their crops.

pH Range: 6-8

12.00 lbs./gal

Zeta Zinc™ 22% Formulated for Plant Safety

  • Safe all season long
  • Contributes to higher yields
  • Improve bud and fruit set
  • Improves winter hardiness

Influence Zinc Levels in Plant Tissues


Also used as foliar application on pecans, walnuts, almonds, hops, grapes, and stone fruit. Zeta Zinc 22 improves quality of apples, pears and cherries

Zinc controls the synthesis of indoleacetic acid, an important plant growth regulator that promotes cell division, directs the flow of food and other plant auxins. Zinc promotes growth hormones, starch formation and seed development/maturation. Terminal growth areas are affected first when zinc is deficient. Deficiency is most common in sandy and alkaline soils (high pH) or soils with low organic matter content that are high in available phosphorus.

Derived from:  Zinc Oxysulfate.