All Season Blend in 3 jugs

Brixx™ is ideal for incorporation into most crop nutrition programs when supporting the crop’s natural maturity process is the goal. Crop demand for phosphorus and potassium is high later in the season as biomass increases rapidly and sugars and starches accumulate. Often, boron is overlooked in spite of its vital roles in cell wall development, sugar transport within the plant and root growth.

Potassium and phosphorus fertilizers generally demonstrate reduced nutrient availability with time after soil application. This can leave a crop lacking these 2 critical nutrients when the crop needs them most. Boron may leach from the rootzone over time after application. For these and many more reasons, most crops can benefit from supplemental applications of P, K and B.

pH: 8-9

13.0 lbs./gal

Brixx and many other crop maturity factors

Brixx includes SimplyFLO™, a proprietary surfactant package specially designed for foliar application to maintain solubility, balance tank pH, improve compatibility and enhance nutrient absorption and movement within the plant.

  • Nutrient components boost conversion of sunlight into yield and quality.
  • Cost effective high analysis ( 2.86 and 3.12 lbs/gal P and K respectively)
  • Brixx is safe all season long.
  • Good compatibility for tank mixing.