B-Lock Vine Paint

B-Lock Vine Seal

B-Lock Vine Paint is one of many ag specialty products produced by Nutrient TECH for use on grapevines. B-Lock is a unique material that forms a physical, impenetrable barrier on pruning wounds to speed up the plant’s natural healing process and keep out spores that cause Eutypa dieback, Esca and possibly other wood-infecting fungi.

The following information is excerpted from the University of California IPM website: https://ipm.ucanr.edu/agriculture/grape/eutypa-dieback/

“Eutypa dieback, Botryosphaeria dieback, Esca (Black Measles), and Phomopsis dieback make up a complex of “trunk diseases” caused by different wood-infecting fungi.” …

“Every California vineyard is likely to eventually become infected with one or more trunk diseases. Preventative practices (delayed pruning, double pruning, and applications of pruning-wound protectants) are the most effective management approach for all trunk diseases. When adopted in young vineyards (i.e., under 5 years old) and used on an annual basis, these practices are likely to extend the profitable lifespan of a vineyard.” …

Prevent Eutypa Dieback

Eutypa dieback is a perennial canker disease of grapevine (Vitis vinifera) caused by Eutypa lata. The fungus produces ascospores, which infect grapevines through pruning wounds during the dormant season. Management of the disease has been achieved with fungicide applications during the dormant period. However, no effective fungicide was available for this purpose after Benlate was withdrawn from the market.

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