Cal-Bor +Moly

Cal-Bor Moly in 3 jugs

Cal-Bor +Moly™ supplies 10% Calcium and 8% Sulfur and is Chloride-free for safety. Calcium is known to improve fruit firmness and storage qualities. Calcium should be applied throughout the growing season. Boron and Molybdenum have a synergistic effect on Nitrogen, and they can encourage vegetative growth. For this reason, Cal-Bor + Moly is often replaced later in the season with MIRA-CAL or Sigma.

11.40 lbs./gal

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Cal-Bor +Moly™ Used in Early Season to:

  • Improve vigor of trees: better yield and return bloom
  • Improve quality of fruit: size, finish, firmness, typiness, color, storability
  • Reduce calcium disorders: bitter pit, corking, black heart, tip-burn, blossom end rot

10% Calcium and 8% Sulfur

  • Boron in bloom sprays increases pollen viability, fruit set and return bloom… increasing yields.
  • Molybdenum is required for proper nitrogen utilization: its role in the biosynthesis of protein is a factor in controlling the detrimental effects of Nitrogen on fruit quality.
  • Calcium to improve fruit firmness and storage qualities

Derived from: Calcium Sulfate, Boric Acid, Sodium Borate, and Ammonium Molybdate.