Managing soil sodium levels is key to maintaining optimum soil structure that produces healthy roots and plants. Farms and orchards stressed by drought, or irrigated with water high in salt, can end up with a buildup of these substances by the end of the growing season.

Leaching salts using water is always a good practice, but the challenge is achieving as uniform a spread of water in the soil as possible for maximum salt removal. An off-season salt leaching with a product like NTI’s Naiad can give farmers substantial, even exponential, removal of salts with much more uniformity.

When relying on water alone to balance soil salinity, the water will follow paths of least resistance—things like wormholes, root holes, cracks in the soil, etc.—resulting in uneven liquid distribution. Some points will be saturated, but others will not receive the amount of water necessary for good soil leaching. Soil drainage, fertigation applications, and salt-leaching irrigations end up uneven. This lack of uniformity results in stronger and weaker portions of each field, adding expense and production costs.

But Naiad, used on its own or combined with a soluble calcium like Mira-Cal, opens the soil for better, more uniform water infiltration resulting in improved salt removal. That soil opening helps displace sodium, allowing it, and other salts, to be more effectively flushed out by the leaching water, rather than simply moved around in the soil. This uniform leaching can be achieved with less water thanks to Naiad’s more efficient spread and soaking effect.

Use Naiad plus MIRA-CAL to Improve Soil Leaching

The soluble calcium of MIRA-CAL is also beneficial in areas that receive snowmelt water. These areas may find the soil lacking the salt needed for good permeability and infiltration. Adding calcium like that found in MIRA-CAL along with a soil penetrant like Naiad will help improve soil structure, allowing for better permeability and infiltration.

Naiad and TECH-GRO MIRA-CAL give you a safe, economical way to improve your soil leaching to control salinity more efficiently. Call Nutrient TECH and Grow with Us.