Experience shows that water doesn’t always move into soil uniformly; it follows paths of least resistance. This fact means that soil drainage, fertigation applications and salt-leaching irrigations are inherently non-uniform. Lack of uniformity results in stronger and weaker portions of each field and adds expense and production costs.

NAIAD soil penetrant in conjunction with certain fertilizers, or alone, will improve the uniformity of water movement in your soils. This can result in more efficient fertilizer use, reduction of saturated spots for a healthier crop and greater salt leaching. Many growers report additional benefits too.

Expect more for each irrigation and rainfall event with NAIAD soil penetrant

CA Tomato harvest treated with NAIAD Soil Penetrant
Fresh market tomatoes treated with Naiad and Tech-Flo All Season Blend

Our unique formula allows for low use rates. Use 1 quart per acre initially, followed by 1 pint per acre in 2 weeks and again monthly after that. Please ask your dealer representative about compatibility with fertilizers you would co-apply with. Contact your local TSM or AgChem dealer representative for further information on benefits specific to your field situation.