On Wednesday December 7, 2016 in Sacramento, the CA Almond Board hosted a presentation and panel discussion about orchard salinity, root stocks, and how to best address the problem of high saline soils.  While the presentation was informative, it failed to offer an easy, practical solution for growers.

Andrew Karrick of NAIAD Company was available after the meeting and discussed with Nutrient TECH staff and PCAs the benefits of applying their product to reduce soil salinity.  He explained that orchards stressed from years of drought or irrigated with well water (often high in salts or Chloride) leave Sodium and Chloride  in the root zone.  By the end of the growing season, these substances build up in the soil and if not addressed during dormancy, will create a real problem next season.

Naiad helps leach salts out of root zone for healthier cropsThe idea of irrigating during rain events to help “push” Sodium and Chloride out of the root zone was popular at the Almond Conference.

Applying too much water always brings the possibility of root damage.  Using water alone is not the best way to effectively leach saline from soils.

Products like Naiad, especially when combined with the Calcium in TECH-GRO MIRA-CAL, aid in the process and yields better results than water alone.  As the Almond Doctor explains, “Calcium competes for the exchange sites within the soil” helping to move unwanted salts out of the root zone.  Naiad “opens soil structures for leaching salts, chlorides, bicarbonates and many other unwanted soil contaminants out of the root zone.”

MIRA-CAL and NAIAD are a powerful solution.

Tech Gro Mira-Cal sp fertilzer calcium

All orchards and vineyards with high saline levels can benefit from following this program.  As winter rains begin to fall, make sure to talk to your PCA or farm manager about leaching soils with NAIAD, MIRA-CAL, and dormant irrigation.  If you have questions about NAIAD or MIRA-CAL, contact us today.