An industry-leading product, Hi-K, boosts Potassium in crops. Potassium and Phosphorus are both essential to fruit and nut-producing plants. Early-season fertilizers may supply Potassium and Phosphorus to help in early-stage growth, but demand for Potassium increases during the season when growers need it to develop critical areas such as Brix, fruit size, or nut density. In addition to the natural degradation of elements in the soil over time, some areas lack Potassium due to low water availability or low flow rates affecting Potassium movement. For these reasons, potassium levels can fluctuate depending on when supplements are applied or if low water conditions reduce the natural flow of Potassium through soils.

Whether the soil is lacking Potassium due to low water availability or the plant is simply having a hard time getting enough to the growing parts, Hi-K 0-26-28 bridges the nutrient gap with an optimized mix of Potassium and Phosphate to maintain the plant chemistry necessary for the production of sugars and other chemicals required to produce full-sized, flavorful fruit. Nutrient TECH’s Hi-K also includes Polysorbygen, a proprietary surfactant package specially designed for foliar application to maintain solubility, balance tank pH, and enhance nutrient movement and absorption both on and in the plant.

A well-timed boost of Potassium and Phosphorus when trying to mature set fruit can benefit any hanging fruit crop, including grapes, pistachios, and tomatoes. A trial on almonds where Hi-K was added to mid-to-late-season sprays resulted in bigger nuts and a higher yield versus the year before.

When it’s time to get fruit to mature to its best, Nutrient TECH’s Hi-K boosts Potassium and delivers a unique combination of Potassium, Phosphorus, and a proprietary additive that makes it easy to apply and demonstrably effective at increasing Brix and improving nut fill and kernel size in tree nuts.

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