Once nuts reach full size (early to mid May for CA almonds) the kernels start filling. Kernels gain the majority of their weight (70%) by mid to late June. Nut size can be affected by nutrient or abiotic stresses any time in this process. 

Peak uptake or plant demand for both Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K) is up to mid June. About 70% of Phosphorus and Potassium were taken up by nuts by 125 days post bloom in a UC Kern Co. study.  After that, foliar applications can be particularly helpful in getting these essential nutrients where they are needed.

Phosphorus & Potassium are crucial in processes that contribute to nut size 

2 applications of 3 quarts of TECH-SPRAY Hi-K® on a west-side orchard (June & July) which would be classified as “not responsive to soil K” produced 350 pounds more meats per acre in an independent third-party study.

Pistachios growing on a tree in California

The July application of TECH-SPRAY Hi-K provides P and K to help finish the nuts as soils are dried out in preparation for harvest and there is less movement of Phosphorus and Potassium by diffusion to tree roots. These nutrients help nourish the spurs and their microscopic buds for next year’s crop.

Ask your PCA or field man about adding TECH-SPRAY Hi-K to your sizing program or contact one of our technical sales reps.

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