Named after the Neritc Zone ne·rit·ic /nəˈridik/ adjective

Relating to or denoting the shallow part of the sea near a coast and overlying the continental shelf.

At low tide, Ascophyllum nodosum is subject to temperature variations, solar radiation and to the drying conditions of the atmosphere for 12 hours.  To survive, Ascophyllum nodosum produces molecules capable of inducing stress-resistance mechanisms both at plant level and at cell level.

Nutrient TECH Introduces Foliar Biostimulant NERI

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE– ‪Nutrient TECH, a premier foliar nutrient company in Dinuba, CA is proud to introduce NERITM, a line of micronutrient-enhanced seaweed fertilizers now registered in California.

NERI combines years of micronutrient experience and the “biostimulating” effects of natural seaweed in one jug.  In combination with the highest quality Ascophyllum nodosum, specific nutrients are targeted to help plants overcome stresses while influencing desirable traits in the crops. NERI Blend 0-2-1 provides a balanced blend of 10 essential crop nutrients for use all season long.

NERI uses our proprietary POLYSORBYGEN Technology to enhance performance, compatibility, and product stability.  Like our TECH-FLO line, the suspensions provide even coverage and a controlled release of nutrients into the plant for unsurpassed safety.  NERI is perfect for high-value, fresh market crops like leafy greens, berries, cherries, and grapes.

“The powerful combination of biological ingredients mixed with the right micronutrients in NERI helps crops thrive during times of stress.  By combining seaweed and highly concentrated essential micronutrients in one jug, we have taken the guesswork out of tank mixes” says Dan Skoczylas, Director of Sales and Marketing.  “We are always looking for ways to simplify the tank mix and application process while still delivering exceptional results growers have come to expect from us.”

For more details about NERI, visit product pages.