Delayed dormant sprays replenish essential nutrients like Zinc just as deciduous trees come out of dormancy,  when buds are just starting to break, but leaf and flower buds have not yet begun to emerge.  Zinc deficiency is well known in eastern Washington in perennial crops. Growers rely on delayed-dormant applications of TECH-FLO® Zeta Zinc 22% in apples, pears, and cherries to get Zinc into the trees before bloom to:

  • Improve bud vigor
  • Get stronger fruit set
  • Increase fruit quality

Zinc controls the synthesis of indoleacetic acid, an important plant growth regulator.

Zinc promotes growth hormones, starch formation and seed development & maturation

Terminal growth areas are affected first when Zinc is deficient. Deficiency is most common in sandy and alkaline soils (high pH) or soils with low organic matter content that are high in available phosphorus.

Tech-Flo Zeta Zinc 22% beats EDTA zinc and Zinc Sulfate foliar sprays

To see the full potential of your crop, adequate Zinc needs to be applied, and there is no better way to safely get enough Zinc on to make a difference than our foliar Zinc, TECH-FLO Zeta Zinc 22%.  Enhanced with Polysorbygen for a steady-release of bio-available Zinc, TECH-FLO Zeta Zinc is safe to add to most spray tank mixes.  Other Nutrient TECH products can be added to the tank mix to provide additional required nutrients such as TECH-GRO® B-17 Boric Acid Spray for Boron (B) and TECH-FLO Copocal for Copper (Cu), so be sure to talk to your field man or Nutrient TECH Technical Rep about the specific needs of your fields.

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