ZnPK 0-16-9

ZnPK 0-16-9 stimulates growth, maturation, and improves plant vigor.  ZnPk Zinc assists in chlorophyll production.

Phosphorus supplementation is required by plants under the following circumstances:

  1. Cold weather/soils
  2. Limited root growth period
  3. Rapid vegetative growth.

Potassium accelerates growth of meristematic tissue, regulates stomatal opening, enhances translocation of sugars for starch production, promotes carbohydrate and nitrogen metabolism and helps plants adapt to negative environmental effects. Plants that produce large amounts of carbohydrates have a high potassium requirement.

pH Range: 2.5

10.60 lbs./gal

ZnPK Concentrated Nutrients Lower Spray Tank pH

  • Stimulates growth and maturation
  • Improves production and movement of carbohydates
  • Fast-acting liquid formulation
  • Lowers pH of spray tank

ZnPk Mixes Readily and Lowers pH of Spray Tank Mixtures


The actual pH obtained in a spray mixture will vary depending on the initial pH of the water used, its hardness (the amount and nature of dissolved salts contained in the water), and the other ingredients in the spray solution (wettable powders, emulsifiable concentrates, etc.)

As a general rule, 1 pint of TECH-SPRAY ZnPK per 100 gallons will buffer most spray mixtures into the pH range 6-7. 

Use caution in adding acidic buffers to spray mixtures containing soluble nitrates or chlorides, particularly potassium nitrate or calcium chloride.  These may result in phytotoxicity due to excessive free acidity.  Such combinations can be safened using one of the products at the rate of 1 quart per 100 gallons.

Derived from: Phosphoric Acid, Potassium Phosphate, and Zinc Sulfate