Mn-15 0-7-0

Mn-15 supplies a high concentration of Manganese to activate enzymes for plant growth processes and assist in chlorophyll formation. Iron and Manganese have an antagonistic relationship, so the uptake and availability of each is affected by the other. Manganese and Iron uptake are affected by soil pH, free lime, and irrigation water high in bicarbonates. Deficiencies are often seen in the spring, when cool, moist soils tie up iron and manganese.

Mn-15 was originally formulated for citrus and avocados grown in less-than-optimal soils of the Sierra foothills. Foliar applications of nutrients tied up in the soil are the fastest way to correct an imbalance.

13.00 lbs./gal

Mn-15 Magnesium Suspension Fertilizer

  • Improves photosynthesis and energy production
  • Foliar application during cold weather helps utilize Iron
  • Improves quality of fruit
  • Improves crop vigor

Enzymes for Plant Growth

Manganese should be about 70% of Iron number in tissue and soil samples. Manganese deficiency symptoms may arise from too much or not enough iron, even though Manganese level is “optimal” on tissue sample reports. If you have known Manganese or Iron issues, cool or moist soils, applications of foliar Manganese may be able to correct the imbalance and contribute to higher yield.

Derived from: Manganese Phosphate and Manganese Sulfate.