Copper 0-10-0

Copper 0-10-0 provides 5% Copper in a fast-acting liquid formula.  Copper enhances color development in a wide range of crops.  Best color is obtained from multiple applications starting early in vegetable crops, mid-season in fruit trees.  Copper improves quality of crops.

pH Range: <1.5

10.40 lbs./gal

Copper for Red Color Programs

  • Improve red color
  • Improve quality of crops
  • Affects pH in spray tank

Copper Activates Numerous Plant Enzymes


Copper serves as an activator of numerous plant enzymes and plays a role in the development of plant pigments. Copper deficiency interferes with protein synthesis and has been observed on trees and vines growing on organic soils and sandy soils. Copper deficiency may be associated with high phosphorus, zinc or nitrogen levels. Foliar diseases are increased, and lignification is reduced or absent, with copper deficiency.

Derived from: Phosphoric Acid, Copper Sulfate