Farmers know calcium is essential for cell division and growth because it has a distinct effect on vegetation and fruit set. It is vital for forming the rigid structure of plant cell walls, enhancing pollen germination, and growth. Calcium also increases flavor and storage capability while also preventing and controlling many plant disorders like bitter pit, corking, blossom end rot in tomatoes, lettuce tip burn, and more.

While there are a number of ways to apply calcium on row crops, TECH-GRO MIRA-CAL 30% calcium stands out in its ability to deliver crucial calcium that improves overall fruit quality, shelf life, and storage quality in a way that avoids adding harmful salts, nitrates, and acidity to the soil.

A recent grower demonstration of MIRA-CAL used on watermelons and pumpkins found increased calcium in the fruitlet samples, benefiting fruit by improving shelf-life, color, overall appearance, and flavor. 

Your Drip-Irrigation Calcium Solution

Up to now, when growers applied calcium through drip irrigation, familiar sources have been solution gypsum, calcium thiosulfate (CaTs), calcium ammonium nitrate (CAN-17), and, less commonly, calcium nitrate (CN-9).

While many find gypsum an easy-to-reach-for and inexpensive option, our research shows that gypsum mixed into a solution cannot necessarily achieve as high a calcium amount as needed. Unwanted high salinity can also be a byproduct. The heavy nature of the gypsum can be another disadvantage, risking the health of employees hoisting bags. Its weight also requires special equipment and attention to keep it in solution.

While CaTs is reasonably concentrated in terms of calcium, the thiosulfate portion acts as a soil acidifier where it might not be needed. Using calcium thiosulfate where the acidification is not needed can actually change the microbiome of the soil, putting root health at risk.

With CAN-17, the concern is the nitrogen component. For nitrogen-sensitive crops, CAN-17’s extra nitrogen, in addition to nitrates already in the groundwater, can raise the nitrogen to dangerous levels.

In addition to unwanted acidity and nitrates, the cumulative buildup of sulfate and salts in cropland soil is also an ongoing concern and make these products poor choices for calcium fertility.

TECH-GRO MIRA-CAL, has no unwanted nitrogen, no sulfates, and no chlorides. There are also fewer worries about nitrogen management, soil acidification, or destruction of soil biome. There are several places where MIRA-CAL is a really good fit because of what it does not have in it. MIRA-CAL is 100% water-soluble, stays in solution, is non-corrosive, and is compatible with other crop protection and nutrient products.  When you need a safe, economical way to add calcium on row crops, call Nutrient TECH and Grow With Us.

Watch a short video showcasing MIRA-CAL on row crops