As the days lengthen and temperatures warm, citrus trees are preparing for a spring flush and bloom. On the West Coast, citrus growers are also preparing foliar applications of Phosphate and often need to add secondary and micronutrients according to tissue samples.

Magnesium, Manganese, Calcium, Iron and Zinc are Essential in Early Season Citrus Spray Programs

During spring’s vegetative flush, foliar applications of Phosphorus and Potassium are the most effective way to feed these macronutrients to citrus trees.  Foliar applications absorb rapidly into leaves even if soils are cold and provide nutrients needed to sustain vegetative growth.  Tech-Spray Hi-K 0-26-28 is the most effective source of foliar P and K.  Adding Tech-Flo All Season Blend  is a great way to balance out all of the nutrient needs during this time.

Manganese is often needed in equal or larger quantities than zinc to ensure that growth is not limited and that quality of fruit will be optimal.  Manganese deficiency is common in soils that have neutral or high pH.  Since Manganese is not very mobile in plants, foliar applications every 4-6 weeks are the best way to ensure sufficient levels of Manganese. Tech-Flo Mn-15 supplies our highest level of Manganese- 15%. Tech Flo Beta and MZ 10-6 conatin manganese and also include zinc at different ratios for program customization.

Zinc is involved in internode elongation and chloroplast development.  Tech-Flo Zeta Zinc supplies our highest level of zinc-22%. Tech-Flo MZ 10-6 provides 10% Manganese and 6% Zinc along with 4% Phosphorus, 2% Potassium, and 1% Sulfur and has great success in influencing zinc and manganese levels in citrus tissue samples.  Tech-Flo Beta 0-6-0 has 6.5% of both Zinc and Manganese plus 1 % Calcium and 1.5% Sulfur and is another favorite of citrus growers.

Magnesium is critical for chlorophyll function and turning the sun’s energy into plant growth and development. Tech-Flo Hi-Mag supplies our highest level of magnesium-20%. Tech-Flo Gamma includes Magnesium at 6% and 2 Tech-Spray products, Moly-Mag and TS Mg, contain magnesium at 4% and 3% respectively.

Iron deficiency is common in citrus and results in restricted fruit set and smaller fruit.  Iron deficiency delays fruit ripening and harvest, and also effects crop quality.  By supplying foliar iron to deficient trees, growers improve the levels of soluble solids in orange and mandarin varieties, producing better quality fruit for their markets.  Tech-Flo Phi 2-4-0 supplies 5% Iron and 2.5% Calcium for rapid correction of symptoms. 

Ask your PCA if TECH-FLO, TECH-SPRAY or TECH-GRO can help you reach your goals this season.