September 15, 2016


Dinuba, CA– ‪Nutrient TECH, a manufacturer of superior foliar nutrients for agricultural crops, based in Dinuba, celebrated 30 years in business this year by marked growth.  Recently acquired by the De Sangosse group headquartered in France, Nutrient TECH has expanded their global reach and distribution network for their brand names Tech-Flo, Tech-Spray, and Tech-Gro.

Additions to the staff at the manufacturing plant in Dinuba are Jeff Waters, Director of Sales and Marketing, and Andrea Holeman, Assistant Marketing Manager.  Jeff has a background in Soil Science and comes from an agricultural, sales, and business development background with companies like, Earthwise Organics, John Deere and Trimble. Andrea brings an entrepreneurial mindset and marketing experience to the company. 

Together they are unveiling a complete corporate re-brand starting with their new website launched this week ( and a mobile app launching at the October CAPCA Conference and Agri-Expo in Anaheim, CA designed to help growers proactively identify and correct nutritional needs in crops from the field.


At Nutrient TECH we believe that the health of the world depends on the health of its food. In order to provide healthy food, growers must address the nutritional needs of their crops. Our core purpose is to serve agriculture with innovative products that are safe, effective, and benefit the plant.  Our growers see enhanced vigor of crops, improved quality of produce, higher yields, and increased profits.

Media Contact: Andrea Holeman