Post harvest is one of the most important times to address the nutritional needs of plants, so that next year’s crop has everything it needs from the very start.

Nutrient TECH, Inc. has 3 products that are important components for most post-harvest applications: TECH-SPRAY® Hi-K, TECH-GRO® B-17 Boric Acid Spray™ and TECH-FLO® Zeta Zinc 22%.

TECH-SPRAY Hi-K 0-26-28 is a water-soluble liquid concentrate that is a combination of Phosphate and Potash derived only from phosphate sources.  Many growers find the inclusion of Phosphorus with their Potassium source to be ideal.  Phosphorus is essential for fall root development and an important energy source as trees come out of dormancy next season.  Potassium is very active in plant-water relations and aids in drought and freeze resistance.

Phosphorus, Potassium, Zinc and Boron are important nutrients this time of year

Tech-Gro B-17 Boric Acid Spray versus Solubor pH neutral safe cheap easy ag

TECH-GRO B-17 Boric Acid Spray™ has been shown to supply the most effective, safest form of Boron for plants.  Including Boron in post-harvest programs has many benefits, particularly in spring health of floral parts including pollen tubules.

Zinc is another important nutrient to apply post-harvest, especially in deciduous trees.  Depending on your specific needs, we have 2 zinc containing products that are often recommended: TECH-FLO Zeta Zinc 22% and  TECH-FLO Beta. Ask your PCA or review our product guide to determine the best products to include in your post-harvest program.  You can also download our free mobile app for instant nutrient help in the field.

Don’t forget- what you apply now will determine your bud break and fruit set next spring.

When you are looking for noticeable results in yield and quality – call Nutrient TECH.