Have you seen the My Job Depends on Ag decal on trucks as you drive around the state?  Have you wondered why it’s on trucks, billboards, work places, and home lawns?

The founders of My Job Depends on Ag started a grassroots effort to show how many people’s lives are related, connected to and most importantly, dependent upon agriculture. The goal is to illustrate just how massive the fraternity of Ag really is, as well as educate and inform the public with articles, stories, images and more, directly from the farmers, ranchers and other agricultural support businesses, whose daily lives – and livelihoods – are affected every day by agriculture in this country.

My Job Depends on Ag let us tell our story

MyJobNutri2019-3 from RealLocalTV.com on Vimeo.

At Nutrient TECH, we are chemists, engineers, agronomists, PCAs, business professionals, and a manufacturing team.  ALL of our jobs depend on agriculture and we are proud of our legacy in the industry.  Since 1986, growers have relied on us to provide innovative, lasting solutions to their crops’​ nutritional needs.

We believe in agriculture. We help growers achieve their quality and yield goals with products that also protect their bottom line. Nutrient TECH proudly manufactures premium micronutrient fertilizers that work better than the rest. Our TECH-FLO, TECH-SPRAY, and TECH-GRO lines of foliar sprays can be targeted to treat specific nutrient deficiencies or influence nuances of fruit quality.

If your job depends on ag and you’d like to share your story, or if you’d like to learn a little about the details of farming head over to Facebook and join the discussion.