As growers focus on achieving goals of Nitrogen Management Plans, they are looking carefully at how plants best utilize Nitrogen.  Molybdenum may be as essential to effective Nitrogen management as it is to Nitrogen utilization in plants.

Molybdenum is an essential part of the nitrate reductase enzyme necessary to reduce nitrate nitrogen to the amino form, resulting in more effective plant utilization of nitrogen.  What growers notice, is that they can apply less nitrogen and get better results when they include Molybdenum in their nutrition programs.

PCA and plant nutrition expert Kirk Anderson explains Molybdenum’s role as a way to kickstart your growing season.  “Since plants and fruiting trees do a majority of their growth in early spring and summer, nutrient demands, including Nitrogen, are extremely high.  Early season applications of Molybdenum helps plants grow more efficiently,” says Kirk.

3 targeted products that supply more Molybdenum per acre than any other product

Molybdenum Comp chart Nutrient TECH

TECH-SPRAY Mo-Power 4-2-1 plus 2.8% Molybdenum is a fast-acting, concentrated liquid.  It is recommended for use on most crops, especially leafy greens, legumes, cole crops, and early spray programs for tree crops.  Mo-Power can improve tree vigor, return bloom, yield, size, typiness, and fruit finish.

It is notable that 2.8% Molybdenum derived from ammonium molybdate is one of the highest analysis available on the market, so growers are able to dilute Mo-Power to meet their specific needs, making Mo-Power an economical and effective choice.

TECH-SPRAY Moly-Mag 5-0-0 plus 1% Molybdenum is recommended for growth oriented programs such as new orchard plantings or leafy green crops.  It can be used as a bloom spray to increase fruit set and return bloom.

TECH-FLO Cal-Bor + Moly is a targeted, concentrated suspension product that delivers 10% Calcium, 8% Sulphur, 1% Boron, and .5% Molybdenum.  It is recommended for crops commonly affected by calcium disorders and is used in bloom sprays to increase fruit set and return bloom.

Our TECH-FLO line incorporates Molybdenum into our balanced blends like All Season, Bloom Blend, Canopy and Crop Sizing Blend, and Valley Blend.  Our PCAs and plant nutrition experts often recommend using one of these blends as a basis for spray programs and adding targeted products like Mo-Power, Moly-Mag, and Cal-Bor + Moly depending on your crop’s specific nutrient needs and the goals you want to achieve.

If you are wanting a noticeable difference in your crop yield and quality this season, make sure all of the essential plant nutrients are incorporated into your nutrition program.  If you would like additional technical support from one of our experts, contact our sales department or ask your fertilizer dealer how Nutrient TECH can benefit your crop this season.