Performance is More Than a Derived From Statement

A question we often get from field men and growers, is how our TECH-GRO® MIRA-CAL differs from hydrated lime.  MIRA-CAL is after all, derived from hydrated lime.

We take our raw ingredients, put them through a chemical and mechanical process, add POLYSORBYGEN to the mix, and the resulting product looks and behaves nothing like hydrated lime.  WATCH THE VIDEO

In apple orchards in the pacific northwest and leafy green rows of the Salinas and Yuma Valleys, Calcium is an important nutrient.  Inadequate Calcium nutrition can cause a range of crop-limiting disorder (Lettuce Calcium Trials).  MIRA-CAL is one of the safest ways to apply enough Calcium to make a noticeable difference.

Tech-Gro MiraCal 30% Calcium foliar fertilizer


  • 30% Calcium (possibly the highest analysis chloride-free Calcium product on the market)
  • 100% water soluble powder
  • Contains no Chlorides, no Nitrates, no Sulfates or Phosphates
  • Non-corrosive
  • Wide range compatibility with crop protection materials and spray oils
  • Daily high temperatures does not limit application

Use MIRA-CAL to:

  • Improve vigor of trees: yield & return bloom
  • Improve quality of fruit: size, finish, firmness, typiness, color and  storability
  • Reduce calcium disorders: bitter pit, corking, black heart, tip-burn, blossom end rot
Bitter Pit Calcium disorder deficiency in Honey Crisp Apples

Bitter pit caused by Calcium deficiency

Getting good results from foliar Calcium starts with the right product. TECH-GRO MIRA-CAL is a 100% water-soluble powder designed to be compatible with most crop protection materials including spray oils. Farmers like that they can apply it on cool mornings of days above 100° F.

For more information about MIRA-CAL and how it can help you, please contact us.