Performance is more than a derived from statement.

Every product we make was built on the same belief.  That growers deserve products that work.  That, when designed right, foliar nutrients should be safe at rates high enough to make a noticeable difference.

TECH-SPRAY® Hi-K works like no other potassium product on the market because we create a proprietary formulation of chemically reacted Potassium and Phosphate, enhanced with POLYSORBYGEN, that provide synergistic benefits beyond what you’d expect from the “derived from” statement.  At veraison, TECH-SPRAY Hi-K allows grape growers to raise brix without disturbing the acid ratio.  The result is perfectly ripened fruit, fit for the finest wines.

K Potassium deficiency in Wine Grape Leaf

Potassium (K) deficiency in Wine Grape Leaf

Hi-K works well on most crops – whether its potatoes, wine grapes, or alfalfa for seed.  Adequate Potassium levels in plants accelerates growth of meristematic tissue, regulates stomatal opening, enhances translocation of sugars for starch production, promotes carbohydrate and nitrogen metabolism and helps plants adapt to negative environmental effects.

Plants that produce large amounts of carbohydrates have a high potassium requirement

Deficiency symptoms first appear in the margins and then areas between veins of older leaves, turning yellow and then brown while the veins have a normal color. Discoloring can appear as burning of leaf margins and spotting on the leaf.

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