As spring approaches, wine grape growers are turning in their pruning shears for pre-bloom sprays. The following is a sample program that our technical sales rep, Chris Rhoades, uses as the basis of his wine grape program.  He customizes the program based on tissue samples and known deficiencies in the area.


Crop:         Wine Grapes

Goal:          Improve Fruit Sugar Content and Yield

FIRST APPLICATION (12” or more new growth prior to pre-bloom):

2 qt./acre                 TECH-FLO® All Season Blend

2 qt./acre                 TECH-FLO Bloom Blend

1 #/acre                    TECH-GRO® B-17


2 qt./acre                TECH-FLO All Season Blend

1 qt./acre                TECH-FLO ZMC

THIRD APPLICATION (14-21 days after 2nd application):

2 qt./acre                TECH-FLO All Season Blend

1 qt./acre                TECH-FLO Sigma

FOURTH APPLICATION (14-21 days after 3rd application):

2 qt./acre                TECH-FLO Canopy & Crop Sizing Blend (CCS)

3 qt./acre                 TECH-SPRAY® Hi-K

FIFTH APPLICATION (35-40 days before harvest for improved retention of juice volume, increased maturity and sugar content):

4 qt./acre                TECH-SPRAY Hi-K

Note: This application may be repeated 21 days before harvest.

The above recommendation is only a guide and may need to be modified based on current in-season tissue and/or soil analysis results.  Please consult your local PCA/CCA or Nutrient TECH Territory Manager.  Always read and follow all label directions before spraying.