All growers have goals for their crops. This lettuce grower wanted to increase his quality and reduce tip-burn occurrence. Over the course of 3 growing seasons, he pitted Nutrient TECH’ program including TECH-GRO MIRA-CAL 30% Calcium against his standard products. Tip-burn incidence and head size were assessed to determine the better program.

The Nutrient TECH Calcium program was the only fertilizer protocol that achieved the growers goal

Tech-Gro MiraCal reduces tip-burn and increases yield sales ROI Calcium 30%

Our foliar program, including TECH-GRO MIRA-CAL 30% Calcium increased the desired 24-box count by 35% and reduced tip-burn by 10%. What does that mean for the grower?

It means that his average price per box went from $12.01 to $13.17 after using Nutrient TECH’ spray program.* That’s almost a 10% increase in the value of his crop!

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*Prices according to USDA June, 2018. For more detailed trial information, contact us Always read and follow label.