When fertilizer companies say things like “increased yield,” have you ever wondered what they meant?

This trial follows an artichoke grower for 5 cuts, or rounds, of harvesting made during his growing season.  The farmer followed a Nutrient TECH spray program and found that the treated artichokes matured faster and consistently grew bigger than the grower standard. The grower was able to harvest more artichokes, more often, and that were bigger.

The grower of artichokes increased his marketable yield by 22%

What does that mean for the artichoke grower? Our foliar program, including TECH-SPRAY® Hi-K plus TECH-FLO® Sigma, Omega, ZMC and All Season Blend cost the grower less than $80 per acre, and increased the gross value per acre from $7326 to $9226.

A 25% increase in value!

By having the size and quality that artichoke packers want earlier in the season, the grower was also able to take advantage of better prices. For crops that meet or exceed your expectations season after season, choose a nutrient program designed to meet your goals.

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*Prices according to USDA June- Oct 2017. For more detailed trial information, contact us info@techflo.com. Always read and follow label instructions.