Farmers have a lot of pride.  Pride in their work, pride in the quality of the crops they produce, and pride in their relationships, both with the land and with people.  Their straight forward nature tends to weed out relationships that are one-sided or with pushy “car salesman” types.

One farmer in WA has been using Nutrient TECH for over 5 years and he credits the relationship he has developed with his Nutrient TECH Rep for his loyalty to the products.

Nutrient Deficiency Concerns

wine grapes grown with Tech-Flo foliar nutrientsA farmer with 40 years of experience and 500 acres of various crops noticed a block of his juice grapes were not looking very good.  He knew his neighbor had success working with Nutrient TECH and asked to have the Territory Sales Manager, Michael Ruttan, come take a look at it.  Michael noticed the struggling block right away and diagnosed a Manganese deficiency, not too common in grapes in the area.  Together they were able to solve the nutrient problems and produce good yields with quality fruit.

Knowing that the products worked and hoping to gain an advantage in the competitive Washington cherry market, a complete nutrition program was custom made for his cherry orchard for the 2015 season.  It was a hot year and everyone’s trees were struggling.  Not his.

Cherry harvest in Washington with Tech-Flo foliar nutrient programAt pack-out he noticed that his cherries looked better than his neighbors- better sheen and brightness, more firm, and bigger fruit.  He had originally been nervous about the price of a full nutrition program but decided to “go all in” and follow the recommendations.  His ROI was well worth it, as he received a premium for his crop that year.

He trusted his gut, and Michael, and it paid off.  Next year, he plans on expanding his Nutrient TECH program to his pears.

“Michael comes around, he’s not pushy and he’s concerned about everything, from bud break to pack out.  He even comes and checks on the crops when I’m not around.  For me, working with Nutrient TECH is the whole package- the technology, the expertise, the partnership, and the concern about my crop and ROI.  The products work, they’ve been working for 25 years, and they work for me.”

Nutrient TECH Territory Sales Managers are experienced agronomists and PCA’s.  They believe in agriculture and know what’s at stake for growers.  They work with fieldmen, growers, PCA’s and CCA’s to determine a crop’s needs.  Contact us directly or your local fertilizer dealer to find out how Nutrient TECH can work for you.