The California Central Coast with its rolling hills and hidden valleys has become a well-known destination for wine lovers.  From crisp Chardonnays to full-bodied Cabernets, this region is using the cool coastal air and long, warm summer days to grow some wonderful wine grapes.

If you know ag, you know that this idyllic wine paradise is not without its challenges.  The soils range from sandy to salty, top soils have eroded on hillsides, and vines are stressed from years of drought.  Yet growers like Lucas & Lewellen Estate Vineyards have found a way to develop grapes to the perfect brix with the right balance of acids to make their award-winning wines.

Lucas & Lewellen Wines is able to apply high concentrations of essential plant nutrients in controlled-release formulations

Lucas and Lewellyn Wines grown with Nutrient TECH Tech Flo productsPart of their secret is no secret at all, it’s Nutrient TECH and the partnership of Geoff Hale, plant nutritionist and PCA.  An expert in plant nutrition with a particular knack for wine grapes, Hale frequents the vineyards to assess the health of the vines and fruit.  He recommends a nutrition program to the vineyard manager and comes back after application to check on the progress and adjust the program as needed.

Hale does know the secret to good wine grapes.  By using products like Tech-Flo All Season Blend and Tech-Flo ZMC, Lucas & Lewellen is able to apply high concentrations of essential plant nutrients in controlled-release formulations, which means that plants get what they need without risk of burn or other damage.  By addressing nutrient imbalances and nutrient deficiencies before the visible symptoms appear, Hale has helped growers and other PCAs see tremendous results in the fruits and vegetables the growers in his territory rely on year after year.

If you have a need for crop nutrients or have questions about the health of your crops, please reach out to Nutrient TECH PCAs and sales managers to see how our products can get you the results you are looking for.  Our team is experienced in the varied growing regions of the west, from the Canadian border to the southern reaches of California, from the coast to the Rockies, and pride themselves in getting great results at a competitive cost per acre.

We realize that the true test of a crop nutrient program is how it affects the bottom line of the farming business.  When wine grapes make perfect wines year after year, growers and vintners know they have made a good investment.  When potato harvests consistently yield the highest paying quality features, growers make more per acre.  Our success depends on your success.

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