At Nutrient TECH we believe in agriculture, and we believe in technology.  That is why we have developed a tool to help you in the field. The new mobile app by Nutrient TECH is designed to recommended crop nutrients, wherever you are.

The Nutrient TECH mobile app allows agricultural producers, Crop Advisors and PCA’s to instantly:

  • Identify crop nutrient deficiencies
  • Get product recommendations
  • Check compatibility
  • Download complete label and SDS
  • And MORE!

Growers, PCAs, or Plant Nutritionists can search for deficiency symptoms by crop to access images of general symptoms.  With a touch of a button, a list of products recommended to correct the deficiency or imbalance appears, with a link to the complete specimen product label and SDS.

Screenshot of the new mobile app by Nutrient TECH

Nutrient TECH mobile app screenshotWe have included a few reference guides to use in the field.  Mulder’s Chart shows antagonism and synergism of nutrients, and a soil pH chart to show optimal range for plant nutrient uptake.

All Nutrient TECH products are listed with guaranteed analysis, suggested use, benefits and features, and a compatibility statement.  Tech-Flo, Tech-Spray, and Tech-Gro product lines are completely explained in the app for ease of use in the field.

We designed the app to feature off-line data, which means that once the app is downloaded, you will have access to the information even if your connection is lost.  This helps maintain continual access to needed information.

Download App for Android

Download App for iPhone