Welcome to the Nutrient TECH new website!  We have used feedback from our customers, distributors, and growers to create a digital space for you to access all the information you need about our products and company.  A new mobile app has also been developed to help you in the field.  We heard a lot of feedback asking for quick access to product nutrient composition, recommended use, and compatibility while in the field.  If you download our app, you will have just that.

The site will be updated regularly with product bulletins, trial results, case studies and success stories.  Hopefully these posts will help you better understand the role of foliar nutrients and how you can use our products to address some of the issues you see in your crops.  If you have a success story you you would like to share contact your local sales rep or our marketing department at a.holeman@tachflo.com.

Thank you for your continued support!